Mess, Mistakes and Muddling Through

Tuesdays 12:30pm-2:15pm starting 11th June

Join us for our BRAND NEW Parents Group – We will be starting with six sessions called “Mess, Mistakes and Muddling Through” exploring the ups and downs of our experience as parents and comparing it to the messes and mistakes of parents in the Bible. It’ll be really informal - we’ll share our funny, joyous and challenging moments, reflect and chat and there will be a bit of creativity too! (Oh, and cake!)


Come and have lunch from 12:30. Feel free to bring little ones, they’re very welcome. We will have the World of Wonder open, we’ll be in the adjoining room and one of our family workers will be on hand to keep little ones busy. Great chance to meet other parents in the local area and explore some questions around faith, life and everything else! Everyone welcome.


Wednesday Home Group

The church home group is a small group of people from the church who meet on Wednesdays to share life together, pray and talk. It isn’t always easy on a Sunday morning to really get to know people, so the home group give us a chance to share our experiences, hopes and frustrations with others. Not everyone can get to a home group every week. By going when you can, you will get to know others in the group who will be able to support you and pray for you when you can’t be there.

“I value the opportunities it gives for sharing faith journeys, getting to know people better, going deeper with God”.


“It’s good having a group of friends who can be real and honest – we can trust each other”.


“Opportunity to study together and ‘live life together’.”


“I value being able to discuss things in that environment and the friendships I have”.


ASD Group

Friday mornings 10am, we are open for families with autism to enjoy the World of Wonder in a quieter space. There will be coffee and cake, and a chance for parents to chat and relax.

We have many children with autism coming to share life with us, and we see you and your children as a wonderful gift. We know that at times things are hard, and you don’t need to worry about meltdowns or difficult behaviour with us. We will support and love you, and your children no matter what. Just come and be yourselves and know that you are valued and appreciated.