We try to make sure that visitors to Hull Community Church can relax and feel at home. For some people this means slipping in quietly at the back and staying anonymous, for others it means asking questions and meeting new people. We are completely comfortable with whatever works for you. Just come as you are. 


We do have a ‘welcome stand’ in the reception area, so you can find out more about us, or ask any questions you might have. If you’re wondering about dress code – there is none. If you're comfortable, we're comfortable.


Sunday Service  11am

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by someone on the door, and shown where to go.

The church meeting starts at 11am with a short information bulletin. Afterwards we usually sing for about 20 mins, these are a mixture of new songs and hymns. Then we might have a time of prayer, before one of the leaders comes to give a 20-minute talk, looking at issues that affect our lives, and what difference faith can make.


There is an opportunity to give money to the work of the church each week through the ‘offering basket’, but this is mainly for people who come regularly, and guests should feel no pressure to give.


After the church service we serve teas and coffees in the main hall and lounge area. This is a great time to get to know people and find out more about the church.


Children and Young People

If you come with children, you can register them for a group, or take them into the church service – whichever you prefer. We have groups for children aged 6 mths – 11 years, and a youth group that meets too.


Children can be registered anytime from 10.45am. You’ll then be shown where to take your child, and you are welcome to stay with them as long as you’d like to. For children in crèche, we have a pager system for your peace of mind. We also have regular Sunday Specials and family services which are geared towards children and young people, and everyone stays in church for these family services.

All our staff and volunteers are DBS checked and trained in child safeguarding.


We hope you’ll come along and give it a try! Our World of Wonder is an amazing space for children to explore faith and have fun!