Family Project

OPEN Term Time

Tuesdays 4.30pm-6pm
Youth 11-15 years


Wednesdays, 3pm-5.30pm
Family Tea
Come and join fun activities like craft, art, sports, games… and then enjoy a meal together.
Families of all ages welcome 0-18 yrs – just bring an adult with you!


Thursdays 3pm-5pm
Playzone 4-11 years


A place for fun, laughter, and enjoyment. Getting to know one another, experiencing different cultures,

eating together, and getting involved with activities such as craft, art,

cooking, sport, and dance.Follow us on Facebook to keep track of extra events and activities.


Our new World of Wonder centre is now open!

(with hobbit hole, tree house, theatre stage, camp fire, activity zones, workshop area, and ‘bounce room’…)

Church like you’ve never seen it before! Step into a storybook world, and discover the mystery…