Urban Retreat Centre




This is a church initiative, grounded and rooted in the Christian tradition, but anyone eager to explore life and meaning on a deeper level, then you are most welcome, people of all faiths and no faith included!  Experienced Spiritual Directors available for one-to-one consultation.  Peaceful and quiet spaces available for reading, prayer and reflection.


Many people are looking to find God through peace and stillness in the busy, stressful world in which we live. We are beginning to offer more opportunities to find God in these sorts of ways through our Urban Retreat Centre…


Spiritual Direction - one-to-one accompaniment on your spiritual journey.

Contemplative Prayer  - a chance to discover prayer in new and interesting ways (see postcards or web site for dates)

Library - collection of Christian books for borrowing and a place for quiet study.

Roof top peace garden - a place for quiet reflection and prayer


If you have any questions please contact us.