If a dozen or so are willing to share experiences and travel together, all kinds of possibilities open up. Our church home groups, in all their variety, make a way for that to happen. 

Life, as they say, comes at you fast… Find some friends to share the journey… Find a Home Group.

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What is a home group?
A home group is a small group of people from the church who meet regularly, usually at someone’s home. It isn’t always easy on a Sunday morning to really get to know people, so home groups give us a chance to share our experiences, hopes and frustrations with others. Home groups are the heart of the church, a place to make friends and belong.


These groups provide the opportunity to:

             Build deeper relationships

             Study and discuss the Bible and what it means for our lives today

             Discover a deeper faith in God

             Share and pray with others

             Support and care for one another

             Relax and enjoy social times


Where do home groups meet?

We have home groups in different areas of the city, meeting in the homes of church members. Each group is led by one or two members of the church, but everyone is involved.


What if I can’t get there every week?
Not everyone can get to a home group every week. By going when you can, you will get to know others in the group who will be able to support you and pray for you when you can’t be there.


What people say

“I value the opportunities it gives for sharing faith journeys, getting to know people better, going deeper with God”.


“It’s good having a group of friends who can be real and honest – we can trust each other”.


“Opportunity to study together and ‘live life together’.”


“The small group is the most important because it’s where I get my support day-to-day”.


“I value being able to discuss things in that environment and the friendships I have”.


“Friendly, supportive people in home group”.


“The small group’s extremely important for getting to know a smaller group of people well and tracking with their hopes and problems”.