We try to make sure that visitors to Hull Community Church can relax, without fear of being embarrassed. This means visitors are not singled out, made to stand, or fill in any forms.  We do have a ‘welcome stand’ in the reception area, so you can find out more about us, or ask any questions you might have. There’s no dress code. Just come as you are. If you're comfortable, we're comfortable.


Sunday Service 11am

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by one of the team, and shown where to go. If you’d like more information before going into the church service, you can visit the ‘welcome stand’, and ask any questions you’d like or just browse the information on offer.

This is also the place where you can register your children for their groups - for children aged 6 mths – 15 years. Find out more about the Sunday children and youth work here.

The church meeting starts at 11am with a short information bulletin. Then the church service usually goes something like this: we sing contemporary songs introduced by one of the church leaders. After this we might have a time of prayer, before one of the leaders comes to give a 20 minute talk, looking at issues that affect our lives, and what God has to say that can help us and make a difference.

There is an opportunity to give money to the work of the church each week through the ‘offering basket’, but this is mainly for people who come regularly and guests should feel no pressure to give.

After the church service we serve teas and coffees in the main hall and lounge area. This is a great time to get to know people, and find out more about the church.