So many people help make Hull Community Church a home. From volunteers, to staff, to church members… it would be impossible to name everyone!

So here are some of the main people you might meet on a Sunday morning, or throughout the week, if you visit the church:


The Leadership Team

Anne & Pascal Dannerolle

Image of Anne and Pascal 


Church leaders

Heading up the church and community work

Ralph & Heather Gilbert

Image of Ralph and Heather

Ralph is chair of trustees, and also leads the welcome team.

Heather is one of the church leaders, and helps with pastoral care within the church.


Family Work Team

Rachel Baker - Family Support Worker

Brian Danby 

Bethany Gray

Katy Shuttleworth

Our Family Work Team run our family and youth sessions during the week and our children's church on a Sunday.

They provide a fun environment for children to learn about God and also support families in a variety of ways.



Elizabeth Rebello

Our church receptionist, who will be your first welcome during the week.



Graham Slight



Ralph Gilbert, Pete Fearnley, Anne Dannerolle, and John Bower.

Pete Fearnley is the charity treasurer and a chartered accountant.


How to get in touch

If you’d like to get in touch, contact [email protected] and we’ll make sure your email is passed to the right person!