The Bishop of Hull opens our new family centre
The Bishop of Hull opens our new family centre

What sort of church are we?

We are an independent Christian church without a specific denomination. Although we are independent, we work closely with other churches of all denominations, and we have close relationships with many different churches across the city. We are respectful of people of all faiths or none, and many people of other faiths take part in our activities. Our desire is to be open and inclusive, welcoming and accepting of people from all walks of life.


Our vision is to…

Seek God… giving people space to find God for themselves, asking questions, making their own steps of faith. For people who already have a faith, finding ways to deepen and broaden that faith and relationship with God.


Share life… life gets tough, we need one another, so we make space for people to build friendships, belong together, and live life together.


Serve others... loving, serving, caring for each other and our neighbours. Giving respect and dignity, and a place to belong, for our community.