Alongside Open House, we’ve been developing imaginative ideas for sparking curiosity, and engaging people with faith  that would create lasting memories. We have been able to make use of our children's centre, the World of Wonder, with hobbit hole, tree house, bounce room and theater stage. We have run three major events last year: Christmas 'Lost Message of Jesus', the Narnia Trail and the World Explorers Trail.


Narnia Trail

We designed the Narnia Trail (with permission from the CS Lewis Company) to retell the CS Lewis story of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The trail took families round eight scenes from inside Narnia, with a passport to stamp along the way. 

Here's a word cloud of people's feedback:



World Explorers Trail

“Discover the secrets of DNA, the mystery of human consciousness, and how trees communicate with one another. Explore the fine-tuned Universe in our hobbit sized planetarium, try experiments in science, and become part of the animal kingdom in our giant world of soft toys”.


Winter Wonderland – the Lost Message of Jesus 

Our popular winter wonderland for everyone to feel welcomed and included in the greatest story ever told! A fun way to explore the different scenes from ancient Rome and Palestine.