Caring for and serving each other is a big part of our lives at Hull Community Church. Over the years this has meant we’ve helped families, children, young people, older people, women in crisis, ex-offenders, drug users, those struggling with debt, and health problems…. it doesn’t matter what your background, life gets tough for everyone, and we need each other.


We want to live out the two greatest commandments that Jesus gave: loving God and loving one another… we see the compassion and love that Jesus showed people, and we want to do the same.


If you’d like to be part of this and serve others, you can get involved with us. The best way is to have a chat, and let us know how much (or little) time you can give, and what you’re interested in. Then we can connect you up with the best group or project.  Talk to us on Sunday mornings or email: [email protected]


There’s no pressure though, if you’d like to come along during the week or on Sundays without having to do anything or get more involved, then that’s okay too! Just come as you are.