Our inclusive vision: how we try to live out our faith

We believe we are called by God to grow an inclusive, faith community, where we encourage belonging and nurture faith, together discovering and sharing God’s love with one another.


Our church offers a place of sanctuary and welcome for thousands of people and helps them to find life, meaning and fulfilment.


We hope you will find a place here too.

Our shared values…

We believe in a church which welcomes, affirms and serves all people. We do not discriminate on any level, including: economic power, gender, gender identity, mental health, mental or physical ability, race or sexuality.

Be yourself. We treasure and value who you are.

We are scripturally faithful, seeking to proclaim the good news of Jesus afresh for each generation and in the power of the Holy Spirit, allowing all people to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of God.

We cherish believing and faith.

We support people in their personal journey, finding faith in the good times and the bad. Being honest, open and real. We help people find creative ways to express themselves and faith through local and international projects, the arts and community involvement.

We place great value on belonging.

We share life together, valuing and affirming one another. Creating a safe space where everyone can experience the transforming power of God’s love, welcome and acceptance. Encouraging participation and giving people opportunities to develop, grow and shine.


We are members and regional ambassadors of Inclusive Church


Inclusive church logo



We are an LGBT+ ally, and in the process of registering the church for same-sex weddings.

This means that the LGBT+ community are involved at all levels of our church and welcome on staff and leadership.